Surgical Abstracts

1:15 – 1:40 pm

Yung Lee, MD 

McMaster University
Division of General Surgery
Department of Surgery

Yung Lee is a general surgery resident at McMaster University. His clinical interests are in Minimally Invasive Surgery and Therapeutic Endoscopy. He is a chair of EVIGS (Evidence-based General Surgery) working group and is currently an American College of Surgeons Research Scholar. He is completing a Master's of Public Health at Harvard University with the interest of pursuing academic surgery incorporating his clinical and research interests in MIS, Bariatrics, and Endoscopy.

Presentation Overview

DDW 2022 Notable Surgical x GI Abstracts" This presentation will showcase select abstracts in the field of NOTES, bariatrics, colorectal, and HPB that is relevant to both surgery and gastroenterology.